An entirely new approach to learning Lightroom Classic. 
Transform your photography with a fresh vision and pro-level skills.


Why Lightroom Essentials?

Most people attempt to learn Lightroom on their own. With limited time to invest in learning, it can be extremely frustrating.

We totally understand. We've all been there at some point.

You can go to YouTube and search for a tutorial on something like, say, the tone curve, but it’s going to take more of your time than it needs to, and knowing the mechanics of the tool is only half the story. How that tool fits into your workflow is the other half, and YouTube searches will only give you tips and tricks in bits and pieces.

What we're offering is a rock-solid method for organizing your images and a 14-Step Workflow that’s guaranteed to make you a better, more efficient photographer.

We've reinvented Lightroom instruction.

A year in the making, we've built a highly potent and visual learning experience. With Lifetime Access to our private community, you will get personal attention from the team of pros at Muench Workshops.

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Transform your photography with
Lightroom Essentials. 

•  Create Compelling Images

Maybe you have a vision in your head, but don’t know how to achieve it. Or maybe you just wonder why photos from other photographers look better than yours. Knowing when and how to use the right tools in Lightroom Classic will help you achieve that vision.

•  Get Your Images Organized

As your library of images grows, it can be difficult to keep things organized and find the images you want. This course gives simple and easy to use guidance on how to stay organized, even if you have 100’s of thousands of images.

•  Learn Advanced Processing Techniques

Lightroom Classic has many advanced techniques for applying edits to specific regions of an image based on luminosity and color. Learn how to make natural-looking edits based on the contents of your image.

•  Process With a Workflow

Learn complete workflows used by professionals for color and black and white processing. Watch start-to-finish processing examples.

•  Get Creative With Black & White Photography 

Processing photos in black and white can open many creative options. Learn how to optimize your black and white processing, with a complete workflow and start-to-finish examples.

What's inside Lightroom Essentials?

Process Like A Pro

Do you find yourself wondering why other people’s photos look better than your own? Learn the post-processing techniques of a pro to improve your photography.

Edit With Precision

Most photo edits are best done to specific parts of an image. Learn advanced masking techniques to take your processing to the next level.

Organize Like A Pro

Whether you have 5,000 or 500,000 images, learn a system for keeping things organized. You’ll always be able to find the photos you’re looking for.

Color Theory Simplified

Understanding the relationship between luminosity, contrast, and color is key to making your photos look their best. We make it simple to understand and implement in your processing.

Lightroom Deep Dive

Lightroom Classic is a complex program, but the truth is when you learn the details it becomes easier and processing is fun.

A New Vision

Black and white photography is extremely fun and creative. It's also a great way to learn about luminosity and contrast. Train your eyes to see the light in a new way.

The Power Of Keywords

They seem simple enough, but learn some of the powerful methods of using keywords and your library will never be the same again.

Process With A Plan

Pre-visualizing your masking plan before you start moving sliders around is the secret to simple and powerful post-processing.

Start To Finish Workflow

Watch Marc as he processes images from start to finish with his complete color and monochrome workflows. Learn his steps and techniques for creating extraordinary images.

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Includes these bonuses:

$300 Value

Private Community

A fun and inspiring place to share your images, your questions, and your insights. This is not the place for the never-ending "great shot!" comments. We'll focus on meaningful critique.

Pro Mentors

Our team of professional photographer instructors will guide you in your post-processing journey.

Live Critiques

Enter your images for review by one of our pros, and watch as other photographers have their work critiqued and processed. It's a never-ending photography workshop!

Q&A Sessions

We'll have regular interactive webinars where your questions are answered. We'll help clarify any sticking points in your workflow and review key concepts to strengthen your post-processing skills.

35+ Handouts and Resources

Our high-quality handouts and resources are designed to work with you as you put your new skills to work.

Full Transcripts and Captions

We know that people learn differently, so we provide transcripts and closed captions for all of our lessons.


Hi, I’m Marc Muench

I’m a third-generation landscape photographer, following what my grandfather Josef Muench started in the 1930s and continuing my father’s nature photography work. As a child, I traveled with my father to most of the national parks, wildernesses, and wildlife preserves. Growing up in a family of photographers inspired me to capture photographs of landscapes and wildlife.

After many years of my own commercial photography, I co-founded Muench Workshops in 2007. We have led hundreds of workshops, providing photography education on all seven continents. We created Lightroom Essentials: Process Like a Pro based on the struggles our students face. I’m confident this course will improve your Lightroom skills and improve your photography.

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  • 70 Lessons
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  • Professional photographers as your mentors

Quality. Guaranteed.

We are confident that you will love our course and the ongoing learning in our private community. If you are not totally satisfied, we will refund your money in the first 30 days, no problem.

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